2 Piece Set Collapsible Strainer - Green in
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2 Piece Set Collapsible Strainer - Green

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These collapsible strainers are great for any kitchen that needs to save space in the cupboards and still get all their kitchen tasks done.

This set of 2 collapsible strainers are the best kitchen aid that any cook could ask for.

When you bring in your groceries, just pop them in the strainer, wash as usual, and it automatically drains all the excess water off your freshly washed produce.

With five different colors available, you can match any kitchen at any time.

Bonus, they conveniently fit in those usually unusable spaces in your cupboards and cabinets by collapsing down they also nest within each other.

Made from easy to clean and durable silicone, you'll never get tired of pulling out your tried and true set colanders, to take care of any job that needs to be done in the kitchen.
Sizes Included:
11.5 in by 9.5 in by 4 in expanded
11.5 in by 9.5 in by 1.30 in collapsed
9.75 in by 7.75 in by 3.15 in expanded
9.75 in by 7.75 in .99 in collapsed

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