Dispensing Pastry Brush - Fill with Oil, Butter, or Egg Wash in Kitchen Gadgets
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Dispensing Pastry Brush - Fill with Oil, Butter, or Egg Wash

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Use this dispensing pastry brush to get any recipe calling for egg wash, buttery tops, or sealing up your homemade ravioli. Just fill, squeeze, and apply to your chicken, pastry, or roasted vegetables. Getting tired of your stiff brush breaking apart your perfect pie crust trying to get the egg wash on the top of your world famous apple pie? The silicone brush on the dispenser is gentle on those delicate pastries and easy to fill. Instead of using that stiff brush that makes you go "ugh" when you go do the dishes, break out this dispensing pastry brush that you can fill with warm water, a little soap, and bam, one clean pastry brush ready for the next culinary adventure!

Wanna add some egg wash to your pie crust?

Use this easy to clean silicone brush for the job and evenly apply egg wash to your pie crust.

Need some butter for your chicken? Apply melted butter to the outside of your chicken to add instant flavor to your roasted chicken.

Brush the top of your just baked biscuits with melted butter to get that buttery flavor that makes your homemade biscuits your famous homemade biscuits.

Roasting fresh vegetables? Fill this silicone brush any kind of oil and apply evenly to your vegetables. Add salt pepper and your favorite seasoning and roast away. You'll have even browning and delicious results every time.

Refillable, Reusable, and oh so Reliable, this dispensing pastry brush is sure to be a must have in any kitchen.

Size: M
Material: Silicone
Packaging: 1
Use: Garage
Feature: Stocked
Condiments Container styles: Cover
Type: Storage Bottles & Jars

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