2 in 1 Oil Sprayer and Dispenser - Red - Great for Vinegar and Lemon Juice Too!
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2 in 1 Oil Sprayer and Dispenser - Red - Great for Vinegar and Lemon Juice Too!

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Stop Buying Oil Spray and Oil Dispensers Separately!  There is nothing more annoying than needing  spray oil for your pan only to find out you forgot to grab a spray can of oil at the store. How about trying to refill those thin necked oil dispensers? Good luck trying to get it all in without spilling or dealing with an oily funnel. This oil sprayer and oil dispenser in one. One side has a pump sprayer so you can spray your baking pans or food before roasting.  The other side is a dispenser, so you can add oil to your pan or toss in with some potatoes for baked fries.  It fits nicely in your hand giving you more control for your pour. You'd think the fun would stop there, but lo and behold you can refill it over and over again. No more spray can oil, no more pouring oil straight from the bottle!  The best part is you don't have to just put oil in it.  You can easily put in vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, or anything else you may need to spray or pour onto your food. 

2 in 1 function lets you spray from one end or pour from the other

Fits in your hand for more control when you pour

Refillable which means you save money each time you don't have to buy separate spray oil and bottled oil 

Sprayer and Dispenser each have a cap leaving you mess free

Can be used for vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice

Get a 3 pack for a better discount

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Dinnerware Type: Gravy Boats
Model Number: H5511
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Certification: FDA,CE / EU
Plastic Type: PS
Material: Plastic

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