3 Piece Descending Cutter Set - Hexagon in Bakeware
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3 Piece Descending Cutter Set - Hexagon

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This 3 piece cutter set is I must have in any baker's kitchen!

Imagine cutting out a design with this hexagon piece set made to work with fondant or thinner in cookie dough!

Add as a decoration to your cakes, cupcakes or cookies to add that extra piece of the design that was missing before!

Make a soccer ball cake topper or create a multicolored honeycomb cake layer

Add stop signs to your cookies or nametag backgrounds 

This 3 Piece Cutter Set Includes

Large Cutter 198mm x 80mm x 12mm

Medium Cutter 153mm x 65mm x 12mm

Small Cutter 145mm x 50mm x 12mm

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