5 Piece Storage Container Set with Easy Pour Spout Lid in Organization
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5 Piece Storage Container Set with Easy Pour Spout Lid

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Finally, the perfect storage system to make your kitchen exactly the way you like it.  

This storage system is easy to handle, literally! With it's easy to slide and lock lid, you can pour out your cereal, rice, or pasta into your measuring cup easily.  No more messes all over the counter, the floor, or in those pockets in your apron trying to pour out of the corner of the square storage containers.

With a lock tight lid, you won't have to worry about your lid popping off when you grab the sides to pour your favorite cereal into your bowl

We included the sizes that are the most used in the kitchen so you"re not left guessing which size containers are the best for your kitchen needs

This 5 Piece Set of Storage Includes: 1.25 Cup, 2 Cup, 2.75 Cup, 4 Cup, and 6 Cup Storage Containers


Alternate Capacity Guide: .3 Liter .5 Liter .7 Liter 1 Liter 1.5 Liter

Style: Organization

Material: Plastic

Type: Container Set - 5 Piece

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