6 Piece Fruit Cutter
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6 Piece Fruit Cutter

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This 6 Piece Fruit Cutter Set makes those edible arrangements easy to make at home

Pick out your fruit combinations to make each arrangement personalized for next special occassion

Make snack time fun for the kiddos with their favorite shapes so they'll want to each even more fruit

Slice your fruit, then plunge down, then plunge again to get the fruit out of the chamber! Bam! Perfect shaped fruit everytime, ready for the next piece of fruit to turn into next shape you want

Use the Heart Cutter to make a healthy Valentine's Day Edible Arrangement

Spring into Spring with a fun mix up of fruit with the Butterfly and Flower Cutters, don't forget to use the Circle Cutter to finish off those flowers!

Be the star of your next occassion by bringing seasonal fruits as an edible arrangement using the Star Cutter

The options are endless with this Fruit Cutter Set and your imagination at play

Set Includes

  • Plunger
  • Fitting
  • 6 Fruit Cutters- Heart, Butterfly, Star, Flower Circle, Star

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