Clip and Pour Bag Clip in Food Storage
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Clip and Pour Bag Clip

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This is a great idea! This 5" Bag Clip lets you keep your food fresh but also lets you pour from your clipped bag. No more dunking the measuring cup into flour or sugar. Just Clip and Pour into your measuring cup or sifter. Rice and dried beans can be a pain when you only need a half bag. Now you can clip and pour your jasmine rice, pinto beans, or any other dried goods. Just clip on your bag and flip when you're ready to pour. Use for cereal by opening a 4" slot at the top, the clip on this gadget, voila, fresh cereal that is easier to pour from.

Available in Three Colors: Red, Green, or White

Type: Bag Clips
Model Number: H30103
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Home Storage Organization : Snacks sealing clip
Kitchen Accessories: Food Storage Helper Ziplock Clip

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