Delicate Swan Long Handled Spoon in Kitchen Spoon
Go-Go Kitchen Gadget

Delicate Swan Long Handled Spoon

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You're stirring up a good time in the kitchen, making your favorite recipe for chicken noodle soup.  You look down and notice  your counter and stove top have been covered in dry chicken and vegetable bits from placing your stirring spoons on the counter.  This beautiful kitchen gadget lets you decorate your kitchen with a delicate swan and keep your counters clean with a matching spoon rest.  

You can choose from a White Swan Spoon with White Spoon Rest or Black Swan Spoon with Black Spoon Rest - Buy Both for a Discount

Keeps Your Counters Clean and Looking Good

Standing Spoon Holder Means you Can Fill with Ingredients until your Ready

Flatware Type: Spoons
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Model Number: X-000
Material: PP

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