Melon Baller and Peeler - Just in Time for Summer in Knives and Peelers
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Melon Baller and Peeler - Just in Time for Summer

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There is nothing quiet like a juicy bite of melon. Especially when some one has taken the time to ball those wonderful bite size bits of melons with a burst of flavor in each melon ball without the worry of the rind. Then there is the sliced melon, a delicious side with any meal or barbecue.  Just be careful not to get too close to the rind, it isn't very good. The Melon Baller and Peeler is a perfect way to have your melon and eat it too! The melon baller easily makes those perfect bite size pieces and the melon peeler takes the rind right off of your melon slice. Go ahead and reach for the cantelope, watermelons, and honeydews. With your melon baller and peeler your ready for any melon task at hand. You can also use the slicing side to scoop out those stubborn melon and squash seeds!

Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Brand Name: HOME C
Certification: CIQ,CE / EU
Model Number: CFB006
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Peelers & Zesters
Material: PA PP and stainless steel
Name: melon and fruit peeler + dug a spoon
Material: PP + stainless steel
peeler Size: : 18 cm long, 8 cm in diameter,
Dig a spoon size: : 13.5 cm long, 3 cm in diameter
Color: : blue, green, Color optional

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