Stainless Steel Easy Release Scoop - Ice Cream, Potatoes, Cookie Dough, and Melons in Scoops
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Stainless Steel Easy Release Scoop - Ice Cream, Potatoes, Cookie Dough, and Melons

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Finally, everyone is asleep and you're ready to dig into some ice cream. You get the trust ol' spoon scoop and start to dig into your ice cream.  No matter how much you try to get that perfect scoop it always ends up being strange strips of ice cream that melt by the time you get to eating eat.  These spring scoops make your perfect scoop so you can have perfect scoops of ice cream for you sundaes. Not only does it easily release ice cream with the scraper in the scoop, but you can also use it to scoop cookie dough, melon balls, mashed potatoes, or pancake batter. Spring in the handle makes this scoop perfect for repeated scooping in less time. 

Easy Release Scoop with Scraper inside Scoop

Squeeze the Handle the scraper will drop your ice cream, dough, or melons

Stainless Steel - Rust Resistant and Easy to Clean

Perfect Scoops Every Time.

Find the scoop size that works best for your kitchen tasks or buy all three for the ultimate scoop set. 

3 Sizes Available:

1.5 inch Scoop - Great for Drop Cookie Dough, Melon Balls, Portion Control Ice Cream and Pancake Batter

2 inch Scoop - Great for Drop Biscuit Dough, Ice Cream, Mashed Potatoes, Guacamole

2.4 inch Scoop - Great for Ice Cream, Muffin Batter, Cupcake Batter, and Mashed Potatoes

Type: Ice Cream Tools
Model Number: ZK59501-3
Brand Name: PREUP
Ice Cream Tools Type: Ice Cream Scoops & Stacks
Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Certification: CE / EU
Material: Stainless steel

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