About Us

Go Go Kitchen Gadget

my dream come true


Go Go Kitchen Gadget is a culmination of a passion for baking and anything kitchen, my love for finding unique gadgets that make my life easier, and need to make an online shopping experience that has easy access to customer service.

This shop really just started as a little dream that took a big leap to create.  I wanted to find something that I could be proud to call my own and create a place that would be fun to shop at.  You'll see some of our product descriptions are not in traditional robot language (this is a knife, it is good, here is why)  I wanted to have fun and share my passion with you about what you can do with it.  I also wanted to create a place to find unique kitchen gadgets you can't find anywhere else (or if you do you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get it).

Our goal is to find great products at great prices for the least amount of shipping cost.  All while providing responsive, fast, and friendly customer service no matter what. From browsing our products, to tracking your order, and getting your product in your hands we want to be sure it's easy and secure.

 I didn't want to build your run of the mill shop, I wanted to find ways to cut down on shipping costs and pass those savings to customers.  That's why I found a way to make a Free Shipping for Orders Over $20 available by asking for a little more time for shipping.  Products are processed and sent directly from a warehouse to you instead of making an extra trip (adding shipping costs for you to pay).  Usually only 7-14 days, our shipping times can go up to 30 days in some cases.  It's always worth the wait with kitchen gadgets at Go Go Kitchen Gadget.  We always provide shipping updates, taking the guess work out of when your package will arrive